Where We Work

We place newcomers into welcoming communities across the United States.

Our network of local resettlement sites is made up of a combination of ECDC branch offices and affiliate organizations.

When selecting independent organizations to partner with as affiliates, we choose existing non-profit organizations that are already providing services to immigrants and refugees, such as ESL classes, immigration services, youth mentoring, and childcare. We specifically look for organizations led by and staffed with individuals with lived experience as an immigrant or refugee.

In 2021, for the Afghan Placement and Assistance program, in addition to the traditional resettlement sites listed below, we worked with three community partner organizations to resettle and serve Afghans in additional locations. This includes the Burmese American Community Institute in Indianapolis, IN; Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services in Lewiston, ME; and the International Service Center in Harrisburg, PA.

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Community members play a huge role in our programs.

We need volunteers, supporters and staff who can interact directly with newcomer families as well as generate resources such as in-kind items, financial donations, and connections to opportunities such as housing and jobs.

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