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Thank You President Biden


Thank You President Biden

What we do and what we say, individually and collectively, matter greatly throughout our lives—for both those who live here in the U.S. and those who live around the world. What we do and say are both bad and good. They are the negatives and the positives of life and our failures and successes. They can also quickly mean the difference between life and death. For 38 years, ECDC has served immigrants and refugees from diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds who live in the Washington, D.C., Metro area, providing direct services, information, and solutions to the issues they face. We have served thousands of people. For 30 years and authorized by the Department of State. ECDC has been resettling refugees via its network of 13 affiliates and branch offices located in 15 communities across the U.S. We and our affiliates are proud to participate in the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and to have resettled over 59,000 refugees.

On election day, we held our breath as election returns trickled in. We gave a sigh of relief when the Biden ticket received more than 81 million votes—the most ever in a presidential election. We hailed the news that Biden’s electoral votes totaled 306. We sighed through countless election protests, false claims of fraud, lawsuits filed and dismissed, and voter recounts. On January 6, 2021, while the House and Senate met to ratify the electoral votes, the president called on his supporters gathered in Washington, D.C., to reject President-Elect Biden’s victory and incited them to march to the Capitol. What ensued were a riot and breach of the Capitol. Congress reconvened in the evening and in the early hours of November 7 confirmed the outcome of the Electoral College. We then celebrated the endurance of American democracy, and on January 21, we cheered the inauguration of America’s 46th president.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have their work cut out for them—organizing a national response to the Covid-19 pandemic, tuning the economy around, providing assistance to Americans and American businesses in need, implementing new policy priorities, overturning Trump policies, rebuilding bridges with nations around the world, rejoining international organizations, and bringing federal agencies back into being proactive, positive, and doing what improves lives and livelihoods. “Biden’s undoing of many of the former president’s immigration policies on his first day in office and incorporating improvements,” Tsehaye Teferra, ECDC’s president and CEO, said are a reaffirmation of America doing what is right and equitable—a track for legal status for over 11 million undocumented immigrants, reuniting families, striking the word alien from U.S. immigration documents, language to strengthen family-based immigration, and raising the annual refugee admissions ceiling to 125,000. Thank you President Biden. We look forward to working with your Administration in restoring programs that benefit all Americans as well as immigrants and refugees.”

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ECDC’s mission is to resettle refugees, promote cultural, educational, and socio-economic development in the refugee and immigrant community in the United States and to conduct humanitarian and development programs in the Horn of Africa. For more information about ECDC, please visit us at