Muhammad’s Story

Muhammad*, his wife Amira* and their three children arrived in Houston, TX in October 2016 after fleeing their home country, Syria, because of the devastating war.

Muhammad was enrolled in ECDC’s Preferred Communities (PC) program the next month due to his medical condition – he has a total left hip asthroplasty that limits his ability to work and to provide for his family.

The PC team of AMCS helped Muhammad navigate the U.S. health system and taught him how to make medical appointments, how to take public transportation and encouraged him to learn English.

Because of his disability, Muhammad was unable to work and pay for his rent. AMCS provided him with three-months’ rental assistance and the PC team supported his SSI application after it had been initially denied. Because of ECDC’s efforts to appeal the initial decision, Muhammad finally got approved for SSI and even received it dating back to the date of the original application.

In the beginning of 2017, Muhammad had his first major surgery at UTI Physician Bellaire Hospital and he underwent a second surgery four months later. The PC team supported him throughout this challenging time and provided help during his recovery. The surgeries have changed his life – he is now able to walk without any aid.

Muhammad now focuses on the ESL classes that he attends regularly, and his English is improving. He attended AMCS’s driving school and the PC team referred him to the Syrian Community Club where he received a car donation.

Muhammad is happy that he can take care of his medical care by himself, can schedule appointments without an interpreter and is able to meet his daily needs. His next goal is to find a job to support his children’s education.

*Client’s name changed to protect client’s privacy