Terms and Conditions

As a volunteer of the African Community Center it is likely that information of a highly confidential nature may be shared with you. It is imperative that personal information is not shared with anyone outside of this agency. Failure to maintain this confidentiality will result in the end of a volunteer relationship with this agency and possible criminal charges being filed. If someone shares something with you that you feel you need to discuss with someone, please let the case manager or volunteer coordinator know as soon as possible. Please read the following statement and sign below.

I, understand that any information obtained as a result of my activities with a refugee community member or agency records and communication is confidential and should not be disclosed without written permission from that refugee community member and agency. Protecting the privacy of our community members and the integrity of the US Resettlement Program is of utmost importance and must be respected. I agree that I will not share, sell, exchange or purposefully collect information about a community member or the agency unless I have written permission from the director of the agency and the individuals involved. I also agree that I will never divulge the name, address or personal business of a community member to anyone (including my family members) without the consent of a community member.