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June 3, 2020



The death of George Floyd occurred on May 25th at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer. In their failure to intercede, three other white officers stood complicit in the crime as Derek Chauvin extinguishes the life of Mr. Floyd.  Every detail of the incident, captured in a bystander’s video, is an outrage in our nation.  

 In the shadow of the nation’s capital, from the offices of the Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc., founder, President and CEO, Dr. Tsehaye Teferra shared his views saying, “We are deeply grieved that this can happen in the 21st century in a democratic country that espouses liberty and justice for all. Justice for all, when will we see it? We all have a role to play in standing for change.”

 “We send our heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends for their loss and the deeply painful circumstances in which this happened.” “Unprecedented violence has shaken us not only here in our nation’s capital but also across the country, manifesting the pain and anger that is rightfully felt by millions of Americans.  We want to see the country lead by example. We cry out for justice to be done in this crime committed by the very people that are called to protect us, servants of law and order”, Dr. Teferra concluded.


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