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World Refugee Day Celebration

In commemoration of World Refugee Day, Department of State officials visited agencies serving refugees, including ECDC’s Silver Spring, Maryland, branch office, to have informal, first-hand discussions with the refugees, community sponsors, and volunteers.

World Refugee Day Celebration

Schools in Wausau Provide Warm Welcome to Newcomers

Wausau Schools has been a strong partner with ECDC since the planning stage before its branch office was opened in Wausau, Wisconsin, in November 2021. Wausau Schools produced this video which showcases how much thought and care fellow students and the school community have put into ensuring new students feel included and supported to be happy and successful.

ECDC Commends Announcement to Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

Yesterday, the President of the United States announced the government’s plan to provide more than $1 billion in funding towards humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war and to welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees to the United States through a range of legal pathways.

A New Beginning

Seyar worked in communications in Kabul, helping U.S. government troops, its allies, the Afghan government, and the general Afghan population with internet and phone services. Despite the danger to himself (as he could be targeted due to his collaboration with the U.S. government forces) he continued to do his job to the best of his ability until the Afghan government fell and a truck bomb hit the building he was working in and many of his coworkers lost their lives.

Co-sponsorship Success in Wausau

A congregation in Wausau, Wis., formed a co-sponsorship team and completed local co-sponsorship training in late January. Immediately after training, they were matched with a newly arriving Afghan family. Prior to the family’s arrival one problem the local staff faced preparing to receive the family was housing.