News and Stories

A New Beginning

Seyar worked in communications in Kabul, helping U.S. government troops, its allies, the Afghan government, and the general Afghan population with internet and phone services. Despite the danger to himself (as he could be targeted due to his collaboration with the U.S. government forces) he continued to do his job to the best of his ability until the Afghan government fell and a truck bomb hit the building he was working in and many of his coworkers lost their lives.

Co-sponsorship Success in Wausau

A congregation in Wausau, Wis., formed a co-sponsorship team and completed local co-sponsorship training in late January. Immediately after training, they were matched with a newly arriving Afghan family. Prior to the family’s arrival one problem the local staff faced preparing to receive the family was housing.

Moving On Up

Nangeyali came out of the Holloman Air Force Base, in New Mexico, to Carlisle, Penn. approximately two months ago, and has achieved many successes so far. A few days after his arrival, ECDC's local partner, the International Service Center (ISC), was able to secure an apartment for him in Carlisle.

National Co-sponsorship Training

As the next step in its launch of a national co-sponsorship program, ECDC held three days of training in the past month for 14 staff from 10 affiliates. During the training, ECDC's national Community Engagement department shared guidelines, tips, and materials that staff can use to recruit and train co-sponsorship teams.

Wider Welcome Pilot Training

With support from the Open Society Foundations, ECDC is implementing a pilot project called Wider Welcome and has developed a training guide and toolkit to help resettlement agency staff critically think through how issues of race, privilege, and bias play out in community sponsorship for refugee resettlement and put strategies in place for overcoming barriers that might exist for diverse and immigrant groups to get involved.