What Do Our Volunteers Have In Common?

They help make our communities better.

Our organization needs – and depends on – dedicated, energetic community members who are eager to help positively impact the lives and futures of refugees and immigrants. ECDC is always in search of new contacts, new resources and new mentors for our clients. Your knowledge can help give them hope for their future, and help them become self-sufficient, productive members of their community.

We Realize Your Time Is Valuable

We promise that if you decide to volunteer with us that the experience will be rewarding. Become a volunteer today by filling out our contact form.

  • Employment/Study History

  • Read our terms and conditions
  • Volunteer Proccess

    1. Be sure that you are ready to join the volunteer family at ACC. If this is not a good season of life for you to have time to dedicate to volunteer, just get back in touch with us when it is. You are always welcome.
    2. Turn in all volunteer paperwork: Application (including signed confidentiality form) and Background Check.
    3. Wait for email referral from volunteer coordinator to connect you and ACC department/staff member.
    4. Jump in and get started!!
    Please submit a backgroound check and forward the results or have them copied to volunteer@ecdcus.org. (ECDC also screens all potential volunteers through the National Sex Offender Public Website)