ECDC's Annual Banquet

Our annual banquet provides an opportunity for us to reflect on ECDC’s decades of service to the community and acknowledge the commitment of those who advocate on behalf of refugees and immigrants.

CELEBRATING OUR DIVERSITY: WELCOMING NEWCOMERS: This year’s theme is designed to celebrate our cultural richness and unity. At our Celebrating Our Diversity: Welcoming Newcomers event, we honor the vibrant tapestry of immigrant and refugee communities that expand our horizons, strengthen our communities, and enhance American society.

Celebrating Our Diversity:
Welcoming Newcomers

This is an event to celebrate, recognize, and honor those individuals and institutions who have supported us in our 40+ years of efforts in welcoming immigrants and refugees into our communities. This event serves as a testament to our collective commitment to fostering an environment of acceptance, support, and celebration of cultural diversity.

Join us as we recognize the invaluable contributions of immigrants and refugees in enriching our communities and strengthening our economy. Through empowering programs and initiatives, ECDC, through its network of 25 affiliates and branch offices operating in 18 states across the U.S., community members, and various like-minded stakeholders, friends, and supporters of immigrants and refugees have played a pivotal role in helping newcomers integrate into American society, acquire essential skills, and become self-sufficient contributors to our shared prosperity.


Join us as we embrace the richness of cultural diversity, celebrate the resilience of immigrant and refugee communities, and reaffirm our collective commitment to building a more inclusive and welcoming society for all.

May 22, 2024
Double Tree Hotel, Crystal City. (Arlington, Virginia)
From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
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