ECDC’s 26th Annual Conference

ECDC’s annual conference is part of ECDC’s efforts to enhance awareness and support for refugees and immigrants. The conference explores ways to strengthen resettlement programs and services, promote cultural, educational and socio-economic development initiatives, and help newcomers become productive members of their communities. Each year, attendees network with national leaders in refugee and humanitarian affairs; receive updates on policy and program issues; learn best practices; and gain inspiration from their experiences at the event.

This year’s conference theme, Hope and Resilience, will provide a platform for refugees, advocates, refugee experts, federal, state, and local government officials, the UNHCR, and community leaders to showcase the inspiring work of the U.S. refugee resettlement program in response to the many challenges of recent years and the path to a hopeful future for refugees and asylum seekers coming to the U.S.

The conference will not only highlight the impressive work carried out by agencies and advocates in responding to the challenges of the past few years but will also look forward to the future of refugee resettlement with a renewed sense of optimism. The conference will celebrate the progress made and inspire attendees to continue to build a resilient and hopeful future for refugees.

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