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Arlington, Va. – The United States today announced the designation of Cameroon for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months. In the announcement Secretary, Alejandro N. Mayorkas said, “the United States recognizes the ongoing armed conflict in Cameroon, and we will provide temporary protection to those in need.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary also said, “Cameroonian nationals currently residing in the U.S. who cannot safely return due to the extreme violence perpetrated by government forces and armed separatists, and a rise in attacks led by Boko Haram, will be able to remain and work in the United States until conditions in their home country improve.”

The Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc. (ECDC) welcomes the TPS designation for Cameroon, enabling thousands of Cameroonians to remain and work in the United States, effectively providing them protection. Over one million Cameroonians are displaced and millions more need humanitarian assistance.
“This decision is most welcome,” said Dr. Tsehaye Teferra, ECDC’s President and CEO.

“We continue to urge the Biden Administration to urgently grant TPS to countries such as Ethiopia, Mauritania, Guatemala, and others that have long waited for such protection; as being those who come from countries whose conditions fall ‘into one or more of the three statutory bases for designation: ongoing armed conflict, environmental disaster, or extraordinary and temporary conditions,’ Dr. Teferra emphasized referring to the announcement made this morning.

ECDC advocates for the protection and well-being of all, without any discrimination, who flee their own countries seeking safety and survival.

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