Stories | January 13, 2023

ECDC Produces Co-sponsorship Video

We are celebrating one year since ECDC launched co-sponsorship programs at ten sites across our network. In the past year, ECDC had trained and supported 91 co-sponsorship teams and matched them newcomer families with 516 individuals. This new program, which enlists teams of community volunteers to partner with the local resettlement office to welcome, provide services, and support a newcomer family with their resettlement goals, is having a great impact. Hear what this program entails and the benefits it offers from both newcomers and co-sponsors in their own words. Their stories are an inspiration.

We have accomplished a lot, but this is only the beginning. More refugee families are coming who need this level of support. Consider signing up to be a co-sponsor with ECDC and spread the word about this impactful program. Learn more by clicking here.