Press Statement | August 23, 2023

Arlington, Va., August 23 – ECDC is pleased to announce the start of its 26th Annual Conference, Hope and Resilience, which focuses on critical topics that shape the lives of refugees and the displaced. Tsehaye Teferra, Ph.D., President and CEO of ECDC said, “I am honored to open this event, which not only launches a very informative conference but also marks our organization’s 40th anniversary of dedication to fostering positive change in the lives of those seeking refuge and hope.”

Tsehaye Teferra, Ph.D., President and CEO of ECDC

He said, “we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous funders, donors, and members of the general public whose steadfast support over the past four decades has empowered us to make a tangible difference in thousands of lives. This unwavering commitment has led to the cultivation of resilience, growth, and a deep sense of belonging for those most in need.

Opening the first plenary session was Ambassador Julieta Vale Noyes, Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, U.S. Department of State. Ambassador Noyes, said congratulated ECDC on its 40th anniversary.

The conference agenda for the next two days will feature insightful plenaries, interactive breakout sessions, and engaging discussions, will delve into crucial topics affecting refugees and displaced individuals, covering issues such as trauma, housing, employment, education, micro-enterprises, and cultural orientation.

The aim of this conference is to explore innovative solutions to the multifaceted challenges faced by refugees. By addressing these challenges head-on demonstrates our commitment to creating a brighter future for those who have been displaced from their homes and home countries.

The conference’s focus includes the impact of trauma and displacement on individuals and communities, creating avenues for economic self-sufficiency through micro-enterprise, enhancing educational opportunities, and supporting the integration of refugee professionals into the workforce, among other vital discussions.