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ECDC congratulates President-Elect Joseph Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

The Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc. (ECDC) congratulates President-Elect Joseph Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

After a long and divisive campaign, we look forward to an orderly and peaceful transition of power that is a hallmark of American democracy. ECDC is grateful that President-Elect Biden, a descendant of Irish immigrants, and Vice President-Elect Harris, the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, ran on a vision of America as a welcoming country for immigrants and refugees.

ECDC looks forward to policies that will restore our unity and the long-recognized values of this great nation. America has been a refuge for people from around the globe fleeing persecution. Immigrants have come to improve their lives and those of their children. We hope President-Elect Biden will fulfill his promises to restore the asylum system, raise the refugee admissions cap to 125,000, and end the discriminatory travel ban, among many other necessary changes to fix the damage done to our country’s values in the past four years.

ECDC, a national organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, works locally through its branch offices and nationally through a network of 10 agencies that are primarily ethnic community-based organizations to resettle refugees in communities across the country. Since 1983, ECDC has been empowering refugees and immigrants to start new lives in the United States because we believe in the promise of the American dream for all its people, no matter where they come from.                                                                   

ECDC’s mission is to resettle refugees, promote cultural, educational, and socio-economic development in the refugee and immigrant community in the United States, and to conduct humanitarian and development programs in the Horn of Africa. For more information about ECDC, please visit us at