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ECDC’s Annual National Conference is a special event dedicated to refugee and immigrant issues in the United States.

Conference attendees interact with policymakers, academics, service providers, community leaders and former refugees, exchanging knowledge and sharing insights.

The conference is part of ECDC’s efforts to enhance public awareness of and support for refugee and immigrant needs, to strengthen resettlement programs and services, and to promote cultural and socio-economic initiatives that help newcomers integrate into their communities.

This year’s 24th Annual National Conference will take place April 18-19, 2018, at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites Alexandria (Old Town) in Alexandria, VA.

With the Refugee Act of 1980, Congress established the United States refugee resettlement program and declared it to be the “historic policy of the United States to respond to the urgent needs of persons subject to persecution in their homelands.”

Now, almost 40 years later, refugee resettlement in the United States and other protection mechanisms for displaced populations face uncertainty.

During this year’s conference, panel discussions and workshops will give participants a deeper understanding of the historical context of the United States’ commitment to refugee protection and resettlement, while enabling them to draw upon lessons from the past to prepare for challenges of the future.

The goal is to analyze the current refugee narrative with the aim to find ways collectively to educate the public, and advocate and enhance overall support for refugees.