Month: March 2023

ውልቀ ምወላ (Private Sponsorship) እንታይ ማለት’ዩ?

by on March 8, 2023

ምትብባዕን ምጥንኻርን USRAP (ቢሮ ህዝቢ፣ ስዱዳትን ተመዛበልቲን ኣሜሪካ) ኣካል ብምምሕዳር ባይደን ካብ ዝግበሩ ዘለዉ ፃዕሪታት ምስፋሕ ዕድላት ቀጥታዊ ተሳትፎ ኣሜሪካውያን ኣብ ዳግመ ምጥያሽ-ናብራ ስዱዳት እዩ፡፡

Private Sponsorship Explained

by on March 1, 2023

As part of the Biden Administration’s efforts to strengthen and enhance the USRAP, the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration announced it was expanding opportunities for everyday Americans to engage more directly in refugee resettlement.