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What is Private Sponsorship?

Welcome Corps: PRM’s new initiative in refugee resettlement

We are a multicultural, community-based organization committed to empowering immigrants and refugees.

At ECDC, we believe in the capacity that newcomers have to make positive contributions to improve the lives of others. For the past four decades, we have been assisting refugees and immigrants to rebuild their lives as productive, self-sufficient, and integrated members of their new communities.

Who We Are

We welcome newcomers to the U.S. and ensure they receive the support and resources they need to re-establish their lives.

At ECDC, we resettle refugees and help meet their immediate and longer-term needs through a variety of programs. We mobilize community involvement and contributions to ensure newcomers are connected locally to people and services that can help beyond the scope of official programs.

What We Do

U.S. Refugee Resettlement

We are one of nine national refugee resettlement agencies funded by the Department of State.

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Special Projects & Initiatives

We use our position at the national level to be a voice for newcomers and carry out humanitarian projects.

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Our Reach

refugees resettled since 1991
resettlement sites across the U.S.
programs federally funded

We are so lucky to have the chance to come here, but emotionally, it is not easy…We are trying our best to cope with the situation, and we are delighted with the support that we are receiving from the local communities, from our response group, from the resettlement agencies, from the United States government. We are thankful for them.

Newcomer resettled in Brattleboro, Vermont

We have a network of  local resettlement sites across the U.S.

ECDC has 7 branch offices and 17 affiliate sites that are independent, local organizations that we partner with to provide resettlement and other services to newcomers. Our network has grown and will continue to expand to meet the emerging needs. Each office provides opportunities to get involved as a volunteer, supporter, or staff.

Where We Work

The work of welcoming involves everyone.

Together, we can make our communities kinder, stronger, and more vibrant. There are many ways that you can support our work with your time, talent, or contributions. Make an impact today!

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