Raising a Collective Voice: :
Newcomers, Partners, and Communities



Conference Theme

About the Conference

ECDC’s 2015 conference theme focuses on how the experiences of resettlement agencies, refugee newcomers, partners, and communities can form a shared voice to further enhance newcomer support systems and strengthen the connections between these diverse groups, who each play a vital role in refugee resettlement and integration. The conference will also look at strategies for bringing people together at the local, state, federal, and international levels, as well as drawing on the perspectives of refugee newcomers themselves.

Serving as a platform to address the current plight of displaced refugees, the 21st Annual ECDC Conference will address the ongoing political unrest around the world, the funding shortfalls facing refugee organizations, barriers to local integration of newly arriving refugees, and potential solutions for current challenges in refugee resettlement. In supporting a vision for a collective voice, the conference aims to foster collaboration among newcomers and stakeholders in order to shape policy and local-level approaches in FY 2015 and beyond. The drivers of ECDC’s Annual National Conference are the precarious circumstances of displaced refugees and immigrants around the world as well as asylum seekers domestically, and their hopes of building a better life.

Conference presenters will speak on domestic resettlement trends, refugee health, and employment, along with other aspects of integration facing newcomers. Representatives from community-based organizations will share their challenges and best practices in refugee resettlement. In addition, refugee newcomers will share their experiences regarding integration and civic engagement within their communities. We anticipate a rich discussion from both presenters and attendees, each sharing a unique perspective that adds to a collective voice and a shared vision for the future of refugees.